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 The practice of massage is recommended to develop the joy of life, joy, sensuality, the longevity of couples, ecstasy and orgasmic pleasure

90 minutes of fun to share !

This is not a pornographic film, but it is for adults only.

DVD for women as for men.
This invitation to tantric massage proposes real
opportinities to develop intimate ecstasy and multiple orgasms for women and men.


For women, the first slow massage in love and meditation of the whole

area intimate and sexual area, with no sexual intent, recognizes
> all these areas and can ultimately lead to the liberation of
> ancient or painful memories. This recognition gives the woman the
> opportunity to recover her joy of life.

For man Powerful and gentle massage that stimulates the orgasms

 without ejaculation - with or without erection. This massage has

 nothing to do with a masturbation, but develops long erections, regeneration of the vitality and intimate pleasures.

Human and spiritual evolution to a Tantric Sexuality.


A second massage is proposed for women, more dynamic than the first one.> It will awaken the 6 known reflex points in the intimate vaginal
> area, which activate different multiple orgasms. Harmonizing the
> whole sex is a delight for the woman to enjoy Tantric orgasms and
> ecstasy. It is also very rewarding for her partner

Sexual Tantric Massage English speaking

23,00 €Prix
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