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The practice of massage is recommended to develop the joy of life, joy, sensuality, the longevity of couples, ecstasy and orgasmic pleasure

++ 2 hours of initiation and development

Part 1 - For Women
The originality of this tantric massage is that it is free from any sexual intent . In the spirit of massage Cachemiry , the intention is to seek the orgasmic energy located at the sex to let up and move fluidly along the chakras. This is to honor the body of the woman , to honor him . Then opens a dimension constantly renewed pleasure, love, ecstasy.

Part 2 - For Men
Is performed on a mat on the floor , on the blank , then two so-called " monkey" positions. In this massage , the man can let go, welcome the softness of a woman and also its strength. It also allows the man to be sex - related heart header. It harmonizes , balances the energy level , relational and spiritual. This sensory and sensual a truly unforgettable journey of sweetness and discovery.

Tantric Cachemiry Massage English Speaking 2 hours

23,00 €Prix
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